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Robots Exhibition @ The Science Museum

You can’t seem to browse the web these days without coming across an article about robots taking human jobs or watch TV without a new series such as Westworld or Humans posing questions about the human relationship with machines in the future. Not only that but its amazing how quickly robot technology is evolving so it seems appropriate that the science museums latest exhibition has focussed its lens on everything robot. The exhibition doesn’t just focus on modern robots but covers the 500 year journey we have taken as humans to make robots what they are today. Its pitched as an exhibition that focuses on why robots exist rather than how they work and its this approach that makes this an interesting visit.



From 16th century clockwork to the T-800 from the Terminator movies or 18th century automaton swans to RoboThespian reciting Hamlet this collection of automata has been carefully curated to get people thinking about what our future relationship with robots means. 

Seeing children interacting with one of the robots on display was especially eye opening to me. It’s easy to see how as robots become more human like and common place, future generations will not only be building relationships with other humans but also with machines. It really does make you think what effect these robot and AI relationships will end up having on human relationships in our not so distant future.

So if you haven’t already visited its definitely worth checking out between now and the 3rd September 2017, check out some more of my pictures below. For more information on the exhibition and to book tickets head over to the Science Museums website.


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