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My First Month With Gousto

For a long while now I’ve wanted to try one of the home delivery food services so I can inject some variety in to what I cook and also have less waste, after a bit of research I set my heart on Gousto and I’ve not been disappointed. As a single person and therefore someone that generally cooks for one my initial worry was having enough options that I could cook and at least freeze the other portion. Gousto seemed to have a lot of options with 20+ recipes available each week and good value for money.

I went for the 2 meals per fortnight option, you can be quite flexible with your subscription, weekly/fortnightly or monthly are all options and you can choose to upgrade each meal individually from 2 to 3/4 people. Here’s a quick overview of my thoughts on my first 4 recipes.

Beef Keema pie with turmeric potatoes

This Indian inspired dish was super tasty, the timings maybe took me a little longer than the recipe card but it was simple and totally worth it. I think turmeric and coriander roast potatoes might be my new favourite alternative to have instead of rice with a curry.

Chicken peperonata with cheesy rosemary potatoes

I often cook Italian food but I don’t think I’ve ever had what can only be described as an Italian stew. As if a side of slow cooked peppers in a tomato sauce with chicken seasoned with oregano wasn’t enough, the cheeses rosemary potatoes just top this quick but melt in your mouth dish off perfectly.

Baked cheesy fish with potatoes and courgette salad

I’m always keen to add more fish to my diet so when I saw this recipe pop up and my mum was visiting I thought I’d try it and I wasn’t disappointed. This dish consists of basa fish in a cheesy breadcrumb coating and served with a courgette and tomato salad, simply but delicious. So good in fact my mum asked for the recipe 😉

Chicken with mushroom and tarragon orzo

I’d never tried orzo pasta before but I’m a big fan of risotto and especially chicken served with mushroom and tarragon so I had to try this recipe. With the leek, chicken stock and cheese thrown in to the mix with this recipe as well the taste was amazing, especially given it was so simple to cook.

I’ve loved all of my dishes from my first month with Gousto and I can’t wait to add more to my repertoire going forwards. Not only have all the dishes been tasty and simple, the ingredients are super fresh and perfect portion sizes so no waste but the other massive bonus is not needing to be in when the box arrives. Even if the box arrives after I’ve left for work in the morning everything is fine if I open it after getting home and collecting it from my concierge.

Although this isn’t a sponsored post if you want to check out Gousto for yourself head over to their site here and feel free to use my referral code.



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