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Cake & Bake Show 2019

Another year, another great Cake & Bake show done at the Excel in London. Every year this show blows my mind with what people can do with cake and the level this year was on another level, just look at the Toad in the Hole cake below or the latest creation from Molly Robbins from Extreme Cake Makers. This years theme for the competition side of the show was illusion cakes which led to some impressive creations, some of which you can see further down the page.

For those of you that haven’t been before the Cake & Bake show is a show where you can see the latest tools and innovations in baking and cake decorating from a whole range of vendors, live demos from famous bakers and the creative wares of the public. Its a great place to pick up new baking tools and accessories, this year I ended up coming away with an airbrush kit so keep an eye out over the coming months as I learn how to use it.

On the Sunday when I was there the demonstrations on the main Cake & Bake Stage were from the likes of YouTuber Katie Pix, Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown, Channel 4 Extreme Cake Makers Award Winning Cake Artist Molly Robbins and Rosie Cake Diva. The thing I always love about these demos is the little tips you pick up to take home and use yourself as well as seeing some cool new recipes.

One of the other big presences at the show this year was Oggs, a new egg replacement range of cakes and baking products for vegans. You may have heard of aquafaba before (chickpea water) which has become popular over the last few years as a replacement for eggs. It can be used for everything from meringues to cakes and having tried some of Oggs new cupcake range I can definitely confirm that you really can’t tell the difference between these or a normal cake. UK based readers keep an eye out in you local Sainsbury’s stores over the coming months.

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