ps3_attitude_new_logo_75x75PS3 Attitude – 22nd October 2012

PS3 Attitude talks Underline and PlayStation Mobile with Albino Pixel Link – 12th October 2012

UK devs on Kickstarter: Crowdfunding’s first big failure is just around the corner, reckons Albino Pixel founder Dave Allanson Link – 4th October 2012

PlayStation Mobile to push more ‘premium’ games than Apple or Google, reckons Albino Pixel Link – 10th January 2012

HTML5 needs one big hit to regain momentum and trigger ‘boom time’, reckons Albino Pixel’s Dave Allanson Link


2011 – 20th September 2011

Albino Pixel’s Dave Allanson on Project Spartan’s potential for web-based app distribution Link


blog-box-wired-75x53 Wired  – 14th July 2011

Apple adjusts international app prices, developers speak out Link




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